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Q & A Day No. 2! August 20, 2021

Hello again. It’s been a week. So here’s an answer to something that trainers are asked lot. “My dog doesn’t bark when they’re off leash/at home. How can I stop them?” This is both a complicated question and a simple question, at the same time.

First, we have to understand that this is probably territorial barking. Unless your dog was in some way traumatized before you adopted them, which would suggest that this is a fear response, they are designating themself Defender of the Home and Humans. So the simplest way to deal with this is to show them what needs defense and what needs a simple notification.

Notice that I didn’t say to take their job as defender from them? Good eye. If your dog is a good defender, I say use that to your benefit. All we need to do here is do what dog trainers call shaping. Who knows? Your dog may tell you when a shady thief is trying to take your package. Your dog may let you know when something dangerous is about to happen. To shape this overactive barking into something beneficial, we just need to show your dog what is ok bark at. Then we’re set!

Hopefully, this post helps. And remember, nothing happens immediately. Unless it’s a Twitter post. So, let me know if there’s something else you’ve been wondering about. I’ll be back at it with another post next week. And thanks for reading my blog!

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