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  • Cloud Galanes-Rosenbaum

It's a Ruff Life

Oh! Hey there, friends. My name is Cloud and if you've read the intro on my website's home page you already know that I'm a holistic dog trainer and dog walker here, in San Francisco. I act as a sort of tutor for dogs and their people, similar to the way that a teacher helps young kids learn their basics. I do this work with the help of my ASD Service Dog, Billie. In addition to her everyday job, she helps me to demonstrate some of the behaviors and techniques that I pass along to my clients.

I was trained and mentored by D. Glenn Martyn (see my site's home page for more), and I am currently studying for my bachelor's degree in Integrative Health Sciences. But I was also thinking that an advice blog may be a good idea, too. So, here it is!

Every week, I'll be answering a question that somebody has sent me or giving some advice on a topic that I have been asked about. These questions and comments can be sent to me through my social media (please see my site for more info on that) or posted here via the comments section below or on the "Contact Us" page of my site, #SpeakToMe. You can even ask me directly, like the good old days. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please just let me know and I will leave your name out of my post. Have a howling good day!

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